You need someone you can trust with your site.

Why is getting a decent website up and running such a hassle? Business owners shouldn’t have to spend hours/days/weeks figuring it all out. The way I see it, you’ve got a few options. You could go do it on your own, go to to one of the big web providers and get the All-In-One Killer Site package for a low low price.  Or, you could find a design firm to create something custom, awesome, and very very pricey. With the former, you are on your own. With the latter, well, what small business can afford the latter? There should be something in between.

That’s where we come in.  A small business owner needs someone they can trust in the web industry.  Someone that can help them get the most out of their site, whether it’s a simple brochure site, a blog, a Content Management System, or a full e-commerce site.  And it shouldn’t break the bank.

Dandelion Patch Web Services can get you a great site without all the stress.  Design, programming, hosting, blogs, whatever you need.    We are located in Erie, Colorado, just north of Denver.  Send us a note and let us see how we can help.  

What about Bob?

Dandelion Patch Web Services is owned and operated by me, Bob Ramey. Frightening though it may seem, my background is in Mathematics. I spent six years as a Junior and High School Math teacher. But alas, one can be the idol of American children for only so long. And so, several classes later, I found myself with a degree in Multimedia Design. And now the world shall be mine!

I’ve been working in the web design/programming industry since 1999. My career began at Melia Design Group, a design studio in Atlanta, Georgia. I started there as a lowly intern and soon rose to be become the lead programmer. In my time at MDG, I programmed sites for National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Channel, and Smithsonian Folkways. Now, I bring this extensive experience to my own business. I continue to program for many designers, as well as design sites for new clients.

Why “Dandelion Patch”?

Here’s the inspiration.  In the classic comic strip Bloom County, the dandelion patch was a place to go to ease your worries.  (Posted with no permission whatsoever.  Please don’t sue me.)